How to get the morning fish

If you’re like me getting up early to do morning fishing in the summer sounds easy, but it isn’t unless you’re a morning person.  Unfortunately during the summer one of the best time to fish is just before sun up to mid morning – translating into 6am or sooner, depending on where you live.  If you REALLY love fishing you may be able to force yourself to go to sleep early and rise early, but if you’re like most of us you’re going to need some help.

Something I’ve found the helps i early-morning-fishings a product called Somatomax.  It has many benefits, but the primary purpose we’re looking at as it’s use as a sleep aid.  It will help you relax before bed and stay asleep so you can wake earlier feeling relaxed.  Something important to note though is your body will take a couple days to adjust, so don’t go taking it the night before you’re planning to fish – try it a few night in advance to see how you’re body tolerates it.

Armed with Somatomax and a good nights sleep you’ll be catching those early morning fish like never before!

General Fishing Tips

Fishing1The best thing about fishing is that there are a lot of general fishing tricks and tips that you can adopt out there. Every angler has his or her story that they are willing to share and you can learn a lot from that. There are tips that you should ignore and there are those that you should take seriously and they will help you a lot. Here are some tips and tricks that you should take seriously and they will change how you fish.
Fishing can be taken as a sport that requires skill and perfect timing. All your techniques will change depending on where you are fishing. There are fishing tips you cannot apply when you are fishing in cold water and the same applies to the warmer waters. Regardless of the water body’s characteristics or the kind of fish you are after, here are some general fishing tips that everyone needs to know:
1.    When you are fishing in a river or lake. You should go to the point where water changes from shallow to deep. This is where most fish come to look for food.
2.    Shiny fishing baits can act as an attraction and it also can blind them and make them confused.
3.    It is recommended to use a matted metal lure – this will reduce the amount of reflection produced.
4.    You should concentrate more on the shore line if you want more bites.
5.    Most people prefer warms for bait, but locusts are also good bait and you should try them too. Locust are good if you are after larger fish.
6.    When it comes to timing, you should go in the morning when the sun is rising.
7.    It’s also advisable to check the local fishing reports and get the general idea and updates from the other fishermen.
When you go to the lake or river, you should be very patient. Patience is key if you want to be successful with what you are doing. Fish safely also.